Our purpose built manufacturing facility at Pirangut ( Pune – Maharashtra ), at the heart of the industrial sector is constantly evolving. Specialized infrastructure has been streamlined to provide a faster and more efficient service to guarantee the delivery of quality controlled product on-time, every time.

With 11 production lines in full service, Natasha Fin Tubes Pvt. Ltd. is well equipped to handle any fining requirement from small customised item to a long production run with proven ability to produce superior quality product. The Fin Tube manufacturing machines at our plant are designed and manufactured in our in-house development facility as per International Standard. These machines have a capacity to manufacture fin tubes from 9.53mm OD to 40.00mm OD. The tube length that can be finned at our facility ranges from 300mm to 24000mm. The total plant capacity is to manufacture 2,25,000 meters of fin tubes every month.

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