Integral Finned Tubes

Integral fin tubes were developed to increase the heat transfer performance of fluids while reducing the physical size and cost of the heat exchanger.

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External Finned Tubes

Applied fin tubes are manufactured by wrapping the fin material around the base tube to give it the required characteristics for the process application.

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Corrugated Tubes

CORRUGATED Tubes are formed by making a spiral groove along the surface of the tube through a specialised rolling process.

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Cooling Coil

Cooling Coils are the best option as they are compact and at the same time provide the same Efficiency and Heat Transfer as the Straight Tubes.

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Extruded Fin Tubes

Extruded finned tubes are highly sturdy and durable finned tubes, able to sustain higher pressures and temperature in the range of 350Deg.

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U Bend Fin Tubes

We at NFTPL, offer U bending on finned tubes for more compact and efficient heat exchangers. These bends are checked for all bend parameters as per ASTM / TEMA and IBR standards. The bend radius is customized as per client requirement.

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